The Anchor

(Lyrics and Music: A. Hunt)


Places I’ve traveled and things that I’ve done / Wonders I’ve seen under the sun (You are the Anchor!) / On the Clipper I will soar / I leave my city to explore (You are the Anchor!)


Yes, you are the anchor when I need to rest! / You are the anchor when loyalty is test! /

You are the anchor that inspires my poem! / You are the anchor and I’m coming home!  


I spent my youth in Highland Town / A row-house with stones of brown (You are the Anchor!) / Farewell O’Donnell Street / Take flight above the Chesapeake (You are the Anchor!)


A nest of pirates they call the city / Privateers show no pity (You are the Anchor!) Our Fort stands in victory / O’er the land of the free (You are the Anchor!)


Watermen haul crabs for harvest / Take them to Lexington Market (You are the Anchor!) / From Canton's dock, ships depart / The Arabbers sing, “Strawberries! Fresh strawberries!" / From their horse drawn cart (You are the Anchor!)


So raise a pint! Oh, we’re coming home! / So raise a pint! Oh, we’re coming home! / So raise a pint! OH! / We’re coming home!