Let Me Tell You a Story

(Lyrics: A. Hunt. Music: A. Hunt & A. Stainer)


We abide in a glorious time of wonder / Magnificent machines travel here and yonder / He is a brilliant traveler with astonishing tales / His airship rules the ether with wind in her sails


From the sky he has seen many a land / His journeys have been so lovely and grand / A voyage to the East, where he conquered a foe / Or exploring the North through the driven snow


Let me tell you a story / of adventure and glory

Let me tell you a story / though you may not believe

Let me tell you a story / and I shall not deceive


In the West he found a lady so fair / His pleasure and love, he had to declare / Her destiny and his were intended to unite / Until a devilish fiend stole her from his sight


I commissioned a squad of the most talented men / We infiltrated her captor’s dastardly den / His weapons no match, the victory was mine! / Rushed into my arms, my beloved was divine


The gears of his ship hum like a song / In the Age of Machines we will travel along / The tales we can spin and yarns we can tell / A welcome invitation with no need for farewell