Kim Eloshway - Operator of flute keys and springs. Her head sails in the clouds alongside the airships.

Maggie Giordano - lead vocals.

Captain R.A. Hunt - Low end frequency director. Serial lyricist. Melodic induction manager and Professor Emeritus songsmith. Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass and accordion.

Traps Lawson


Andj - Purveyor of all things melodic. Electron-string-driven audio machines engineer. Master composition-a-tor and instigator of musical mayhem. Guitar and ukulele.

Reserve crew members:

  • Sarah Burgess
  • Tracy Davidson
  • Greg Grass
  • Larry Harrison
  • Meg Lowey
  • Marshall Madow
  • Dani Maynard
  • Jeff Sasser
  • Joe Weber
  • Lisa Young