An Ode to Bromo Seltzer

(Lyrics: Hunt. Music: Hunt & Stainer – to the tune of “Daisy, Daisy (Bicycle Built for Two)”)


Bromo-Seltzer bring me relief right now / Your fizzy action works and I really don’t care how / After my drunken debacle / I purchase your little blue bottle / I drink it down, it turns my frown /  Into a smile, and how


Bromo-Seltzer you cure my jumpy nerves / Your effervescent granules bring me the relief I deserve / My hangover is down to zero / Captain Emerson is my hero / His invention is great, there is no debate / A tribute to him is deserved


Bromo-Seltzer your tower is such a sight (Hey! Hey! Hey!) / Your clock is a beacon to the city throughout the night (Hey! Hey! Hey!) / The corner of Eutaw and Lombard / High above is your placard / Big letters read, for all to see / It’s Bromo-Seltzer time! / It’s Bromo Seltzer time! / It’s Bromo-Seltzer time! (Hey! Hey! Hey!)