Who Will Heed the Call?

(Lyrics: A. Hunt. Music: A. Hunt & A. Stainer)


If you are ready for fun and adventure / Will you promise never to surrender? / The word is out, the need is clear / Get set for a voyage and banish your fear


When there are new worlds to explore, who will heed the call? (I will!) / When tyrants seek to start a war, who will heed the call? (I will!) / When progress needs a little thrust, who will heed the call? / And when you feel that wanderlust, who will heed the call?


Now prepare yourself to face stormy weather / Time’s gonna fly, but we’re in this together / We’ll face that challenge along the way / But if we lose that battle, we can still will win the day!


We’ve got a ship so fine; she’s the envy of them all / So raise a glass to her and drink your alcohol / We celebrate our crew and all who will join / We’ll fight for right and have some fun, ‘cause that’s half the point