You Can Be More

(Lyrics: Hunt. A. Music: A. Hunt & A. Stainer)


You can be more! That’s what my mother said / You can be more! If you strive to be well read

You can be more! Not just another girl / You can be more! Yes, you can change the world


I made my presence known as a very young child / My imagination was always running wild

I always felt like I never quite fit in / My parents would say it’s the way I’ve always been


While most girls were content with learning to sew / The world was full of mysteries that I wanted to know / I eagerly studied science and the arts / And learned to design my own schematic charts


I made a promise to myself long ago / That I would let anybody bring me down / And there is one thing that I have come to know / You can’t mess with the women in this town!


From the word go, I always went out with full steam / I kept my vision focused right on my dream / They said I couldn’t hitch my wagon to a star / But here I am and I’ve come so far